New Edge Safety Door | No.1 Safety & Security Door in Malaysia
New Edge Safety Door | No.1 Safety & Security Door in Malaysia
Malaysia Largest Safety & Security Door Company. Safety Door, Security Door, Stainless Steel Door, Kitchen Door and Room Door. CALL US: 6016 7718 325
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New Edge Safety & Security Door

25 Yrs Experience  |  38 Outlets  |   Trusted by More than 200,000 Malaysians

New Edge Safety & Security Door is among the most respected brand in the safety and security door industry. Our safety doors protect many Malaysian homes with multiple vault type security lock system, enforced steel door and frame structure. Our security doors are manufactured with QMS ISO 9001:2015 standards that ensure high quality security and safety standards.

Our steel safety & security door keeps intruders away with the multiple safety pins locking into the steel door frame, multiple vault type deadbolt lock points and strong high grade stainless steel. We are serious about keeping your home, offices and apartments safe.


Main Entrance Safety Door


Your main door is the main entrance to your home. It needs awe your visitors and also to provide great protection for your family. We have a variety of door designs that fits everyone with high safety & security standards within the door design, frame structure, stainless steel grades, durable heavy duty locks and hinges.


Room & Apartment Door


Room and apartment safety door protects you at a different level. Our Room & Apartment series are designed to keep it simple and sound proof. This series are preferred by many Malaysians who are creating a Safe Room. Having at least 1 safety room can safeguard your family and valuables incase of successful intrusion.


Stainless Steel Grill Back Door


Need a durable weather & water resistant back door ?
Our engineers and designers created backdoors for your specific function. We have different types of backdoors from half covered safety backdoor, full stainless steel weather resistant backdoor to double layer heavy duty security backdoor.


Safety & Security Door Catalogue



Inspired by Nature,

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein. Nature is the main inspiration for ideas all over the world. It brings us nearer to peace and harmony. Our Nature Series are carefully crafted and designed to bring our concrete jungle slightly closer to nature.


Inspired by Modern Edges,

New Edge – Edge Series bring lines and shapes in our life to a perfect form. The designs are created by simplifying unique elements from famous architectures around the world. The world is now just a doorstep away.