How Feng Shui can help you build Wealth and Health ? New Edge Safety Door
How Feng Shui can help you build Wealth and Health ? New Edge Safety Door
Feng Shui is about the energy(Chi) flow in our living environment, and how these energy affect us. How can the CHI and New Edge Safety Door help you...
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How Feng Shui can benefit your home ?


Feng shui for Everyone! Better fortune with New Edge Safety Door.

Feng Shui is about the energy(Chi) flow in our living environment, and how these energy affect us.

A Good feng shui brings you health, wealth and happiness. Feng Shui can be practice by everyone because it is not religious driven. It’s all about the understanding the flow of positive energy and harnessing to improve your inner Energy (Chi). How can you improve your Feng Shui with New Edge Safety Door?

The Opening of the Front Door.

A door allows good chi to flow into your house providing your good fortune, health, happiness and new opportunity.

A front/main door must open inwards. A front door that opens inwards pulls the Chi into your house. New Edge Safety Door strong stainless steel grill is designed to keep burglars and intruders away while allowing the Chi to flow freely into your house.

Wide space at your door.
Make sure your front door can easily open completely and easily. Our high quality stainless steel hinge holds the door in place allowing easy swinging action. You can regularly oil the hinge to make sure it’s in good condition. The door must not be blocked by anythings behind it. Such as dustbin, dying plants and smelly shoes. These will destroy the Feng Shui of your house.

The front door is the doorway to wealth – make it look that way

Make sure that the Chi doesn’t get stuck on the doorstep because of entrance place being too small. An optimum door size for most Malaysian apartment and terrace houses starts from minimum 5×7 ft. Bungalow will require a size of minimum 6×7 ft. This will allow adequate amount of Chi entering your home.

Your front door must also be the grandest looking door in the house.
Our New Edge Safety Door is physically looking grand and great. All you need to do is to keep it clean and shinny at all times. Do not place dried flower, vines, old garden tools or any rusty metals near the entrance.

To enhance the Chi and Feng Shui of your front door.

You already have a door or better, a safety and security New Edge Door and will like to improve your Feng Shui further. Here’s a few things you should do:

feng shui coins

1. Bury 3 old coins tied together with Red Thread under the frame of New Edge Safety Door or at the entrance before the door. (You may also get the installer to place and install the coins during installation.)

painting of 100 birds

2. Hang good fortune painting / ornaments such as a painting or photograph of a 100 birds near the door. A hundred birds symbolize a hundred opportunities flying your way.


3. Introducing a water feature somewhere near the front door. Directly in front, outside or inside will attract prosperity and invite great luck.


4. Place good fortune plants on either side or both side of the door without blocking it. New Edge Safety Door recommends lucky bamboo, potted orchids and golden pothos (money plant). Keep them well maintained at all times.


5. Religious altars to directly face either the main door or door into the main family room will improve your Feng shui.

Many Chinese Rich Businessman achieve great success by practicing Feng Shui. Will you be next?

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