Security Door | Safety Door Manufacturer - About New Edge Safety Door
Security Door | Safety Door Manufacturer - About New Edge Safety Door
Our safety & security doors are manufactured with advance technologies and went through several high impact durability safety & security tests.
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safety door and security door showroom

Malaysia’s First Safety & Security door manufacturer.

mannufacturing safety & security steel door

Security Door manufacturing process.

38 Showrooms in Malaysia

59,000 SqFt Manufacturing Plant

1100 Door/Day Production Capacity

New Edge Safety Door are experts in security doors that meet the escalating security demands in Malaysia. We manufacture high quality stainless steel grill security doors because it provides stronger security standard than average stock wood doors. With over 38 showrooms nationwide, we kept many Malaysians home safe from burglar, thieves and robbers. We take pride in being resourceful and innovative while relentless in its pursuit of technological advancement. Other than that, we constantly improve the Security Door Designs yet providing High Security Door solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

The Award Winning
Safety & Security Door

New Edge makes it commitment to every of its customers, promising to exceed their expectation. This commitment is evidence by the numerous awards won across the Asia Pacific region. Thus earning itself awards from international quality governing authorities such as :

  • Asia Pacific TOP Golden Brand Products Award
  • Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Excellence Award
  • International KERIS Award Asia Pacific
  • The 3rd Malaysia Golden Entrepreneur Award
  • The Malaysia Brand Award 2016

​Whether you are looking for a forced entry resistant door, security door or better sound proofing door, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because New Edge Safety Door is able to custom-made high security door that fits your requirement.


We work with some of the top security consultants, house developers, contractors and renovators across Southeast Asia to provide our clients with doors that meet their security requirements and interior styles. Whether it’s for the front of your home, your safe room, bedroom, kitchen backdoor or place of business, we can the perfect solution.

New Edge Safety Door is not just another door. Many wood or plastic doors are weak and less secured compared to steel doors. Due to the wet and damp weather conditions in Malaysia, wood doors are very prone to termite and weather damage. Malaysians can either take risk on cheaper low quality door or invest in better, safer and highly quality safety and security door.

New Edge Safety Door is in Malaysia since 1998. Other than visiting one of our showroom, customers may also contact us via Facebook or Email. You may find the list of our showroom at the contact us page.

Our Products

Safer, Better, Stronger

We use sophisticated and advanced manufacturing technology, high quality stainless steel and steel materials when producing our security door. Our security doors went through numerous high impact tests conducted to make sure you are getting the strongest solution to protect your home. Our safety door’s production is the most advance in technology; with rust-free zinc plate and highest temperature (200 degrees Celsius temperature) long lasting colour coating, which makes all of our safety and security door products solid & weather resistance.

New Edge Safety & Security
Door Features :

  • Anti-theft Lock System
  • Multiple Bolt Lock Points
  • Anti-Pry System
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Hinges
  • Anti-Burglary Pin
  • Advance Security Frame Shape
  • Rockwool Heat & Sound Insulation

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